Sunday, March 20, 2016

Snowdonia here we come!

Chapter 22 - an impatient patient
The daily injections of heparin are a pain, literally. Sometimes it makes me cry. My deep vein thrombosis is getting better slowly. Walking is still painful, and driving is not completely comfortable, but we are going to go on holiday tomorrow. Below is the view that awaits us.

I'm feeling quite tired most of the time, and get breathless after small amounts of exercise. I cough a lot at night, which strains my back and rib muscles. I do sometimes wonder whether I've now started a final downward curve.


Unknown said...

Dear David,

I watched your online lecture about Introduction to Information Theory today, which is very useful to me to prepare exam. Thank you so much. Have a nice holiday in Snowdonia!

@cwhope said...

Dear David,

We may not always have agreed precisely about climate change policy, but there is no doubt you are one of the good guys and have changed policy for the better.

I hope your holiday is proving restorative, and is dispelling some of the frustration evident in your last couple of posts.

With all good wishes


Unknown said...

Dear David,

I've got everything crossed for you. I'll be able to email with updates on Hot Air soon too.

Hope your holiday is wonderful,


David MacKay FRS said...

Thanks Louis!!

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