Sunday, February 8, 2009

only self-teaching has any lasting value

"only self-teaching has any lasting value" is a quote from this essay by John Gatto,
"Why Schools Don't Educate".

My own thoughts on this topic are in (1) a short essay on exams - "everyone should get an A" - which notes how exams interrupt education; and (2) a one-page suggestion on "how to teach".
  1. A Note On Exams (postscript) | pdf
  2. How to teach (postscript, 1 page)|(pdf, 1 page)


Anonymous said...

The second set of links seems to be broken.

David MacKay FRS said...

Oops, sorry, thanks for spotting that - fixed now!

David Pollard said...

the link to "the other book" also seems to be broken.

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