Friday, June 4, 2010

Add word to dictionary (fix instructions)

In my new job I have been forced to use Microsoft Office for the first time.
One of the minor painful issues has been the impossibility of adding "misspelled" words to the custom dictionary so that the "correct spelling?" dialogue doesn't keep nagging. The "add word to dictionary" option was always greyed out, and I couldn't figure out how to get this option to be enabled.
At last, I have been given a fix, and it works.
Custom Dictionary fix instructions

1. Ensure that any Office 2007 products that are currently open are closed before proceeding.
2. Find your custom dictionary located under P:\Office97\Custom.dic, create a backup by right clicking on the file and selecting copy. Paste the file within the same folder, a backup will be created called “Copy of Custom.dic”.
3. Now open Custom.dic file by double clicking on it. The file will open within notepad.
4. From the File menu select “Save As”. In the “Encoding” field set the encoding type to be Unicode.
5. Select Save, click Yes to confirm that the file should be replaced.
6. Close notepad.
7. Start Microsoft Word and confirm that you can add words to the dictionary.



Alex said...

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