Friday, September 11, 2015

New release of Dasher4.11 for windows

To my delight, Ada Majorek (who works for Google in California) has taken on the challenge of enhancing Dasher to make it work better for real users. 
Here are instructions for obtaining an updated Dasher4.11. (for windows)

 Latest improvements:
 1 you can turn off status bar with language selection. 
 2 It will also ask you if you want to save changes on exit unless you uncheck "Confirm unsaved files".  
 3 Also try "Composition application" style. 
 4 removed Control text from control box to reduce clutter.

How to "install"
 Download and Copy
to "C:\Program Files (x86)\Dasher\Dasher 4.11"
(feel free to rename to dasher.exe, but save original dasher.exe first)
 Download and Copy
to "C:\Program Files (x86)\Dasher\Dasher 4.11\system.rc"

Source changes:

I will be dropping new binaries here: 

If anyone would like to help maintain and improve Dasher, please get in touch (e.g. through github or by commenting here).
PS - I just tried the latest version of Dasher for Android, and found that it is awesome - it has lots of features (in its Control mode) that have not yet made it into the windoze version.

More details for anyone else who wants to join in the development

Ada says:
There is original source under

I sync with original repository whenever I see changes.
So far there were only non-conflicting changes. I believe ipomoena repository is latest code.

Eventually I would like to push my changes back to GNOME repository. Maybe after it stops crashing at exit.

I will copy/paste discussion about features to github tracker.
We can hone final design in there. One by one. 

I know nothing about main installations for windows. I converted Visual Studio solution file so it builds dasher.exe, but installation targets are broken.

Do you know how to fix install targets?

Thanks Ada!!!

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