Saturday, April 2, 2016

Index for the first 23 Cancer Chapters

Blog postContents
Unexpected signs of malignancy Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5 - the biggest red syringe I've ever seen
Chapter 4b - the last minute hesitation
Chapter 6 - Chemotherapy
Chapter 7 - What's next
What do you tell the children? Chapter 8 - What do we tell the children?
Chapter 9 - cycle two, day eleven
Neutropaenia and other side-effects Chapter 9b - the medicine cupboard is not big enough
The third cycle of chemotherapy Chapter 10 – Mid-way through Cycle 3
The fourth cycle of chemotherapy Chapter 11 – Mid-way through cycle 4
Time off for bad behaviour Chapter 12 - a welcome break between cycles 4 and 5
Cycle 5 - getting the hang of chemotherapy Chapter 13 - Starting to get the hang of chemotherapy [Friday 4 December]
Cycle 6 - and maybe I have had enough of this Chapter 14 - Pattern spotting
Bye-bye Chemotherapy, Hello TP53! Chapter 15: starting a new life
The uncertainty continues CHAPTER 16 – MORE CT SCANS, MORE DATA
After five visits to London hospitals... Chapter 17 - mulling the lottery of clinical trials
A trial and a tribulation Ch 18 - visits 6 and 7 to London - a trial starts
Chapter 19 – other ailments
Chapter 20 – the trial ends?
Further developments, March 2016 Ch 21 - another visit to London
Snowdonia here we come! Ch 22 - an impatient patient
Wonder-drug Pembrolizumab nearly killed me CHAPTER 23 - A DOWNHILL ADVENTURE


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