Thursday, August 28, 2008

How to use to make beautiful postscript fragments
is a super utility I picked up when I started using magicpoint.

Simple example

If file1 contains

$$\mbox{Power} = \frac{1}{2} \rho A v^3$$

and you run Wind0 < file1

then you will get a file Wind0.eps, which is a beautiful postscript file looking like this


More complex example: Package options

You can give package options when running For example, if you like \usepackage{booktabs} or \usepackage{colordvi}, here is what you can do.
Let's say that file2 contains:

\multicolumn{3}{c}{ \ \OliveGreen{$v=6$\,m/s} (force 4)}\\ \midrule
Wind farm & & \Blue{2\,W$\!$/m$^2$ flat ground} \\

Then we run the command: -sty colordvi -sty booktabs Wind1 < file2

and we get this lovely object:



Anonymous said...

mathtran does this sort of thing over the web, in milliseconds. Simply add TeX to your img's alt tags!

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